Simon Beyer-Pedersen is a freelance dancer, choreographer and photo artist from Denmark. In 2009 he graduated from The National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark as a professional BA contemporary dancer. Simon has worked with multiple national and international choreographers all around the world and still does dance project for other choreographers.

His interest for choreography has grown during his career as a dancer, the latest years he has been doing more choreograph work for dance studens and professionals. He likes to challenge his audience through physical movements with themes from everyday life or political topic's.‍

‍Further more during Simon’s career he has produced serval projects related to his own and colleagues work while also working as a dancer for other choreographers. Simon has also made and created sounddesign for his performances as well as worked for other choreographers as a sounddesigner.

Since he started studying dance art in Copenhagen he also became very interested in Visual Arts and especially the art form of Photographing. During his school time he actively documented his own work, colleagues art projects, created artists portraits and documented different art events. Simon has shared more then 10 years of experience of his photographing with his artist friends and colleagues.


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Hi and welcome!I'm Simon E.Beyer-Pedersen, a freelance dancer, choreographer and photo artist from Denmark, I LOVE being creative physically and visually. I'm based in Oulu, Finland who also accept assignments worldwide.

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